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About Car Mirror Centre

As the leading suppliers of exterior side mirror replacement glass (car door mirrors), in South Africa, we sell replacement mirrors which are an exact fit for the make and model of your car.

Driving with a broken exterior side mirror affects a person’s visual driving ability and is completely unsafe. To ensure driving visibility is kept at its maximum, it is recommended to replace all damaged mirror glass as soon as possible.

Wholesale prices, mean the best savings are offered on all quality exterior side mirror glass replacements.

With just a few clicks, the exact replacement mirrors (to the correct manufacturer’s specification) could be available. An all-inclusive range of standard, anti-dazzle and aspheric (blind spot split) mirrors is available at a fraction of the normal retail price, without compromising on the quality.

The replacement mirrors are easy to fit with simple to understand instructions enabling the customer to be up and running within minutes.

Easy to follow steps:

  1. Before starting, ensure protective gloves are used, as the glass shards can be sharp and harmful.
  2. Remove the loose pieces of glass and clean the remaining glass with glass cleaner or warm water and a soft cloth.
  3. Remove the backing tape, position the replacement mirror into the housing on the existing mirror glass then press firmly into place.
  4. Allow the adhesive some time to dry (between 45mins to an hour) and the new replacement mirror should look as good as new.

Why Choose CMC?

  • Savings from 50% upwards
  • Free delivery
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Same day order dispatch, for products in stock

Quick and easy installation

Should you wish to contact CMC for any reason, please do not hesitate in doing so at either info@cmc.co.za or +27 11 804 7777, where they would be happy to assist.


A comprehensive catalogue covering almost all makes and models, as well as an in-house inventory consisting of the most common products on order, is always on hand and continuously being replenished ensuring a more streamlined service to our customers.

All prices include delivery and packaging costs.


Postage will take place within 24 hours for items in stock and delivery within 3 - 5 working days of that.

Items not in stock will take up to 72 hours to dispatch.

Products are mailed in specialised designed packaging to prevent damage.

Special Request

Any special requests and/or replacement mirrors not listed on this site can be requested at info@cmc.co.za.


Should the purchase not be satisfactorily received, please register the issue via email at info@cmc.co.za. A reference number will be provided, which needs to be noted when the item is returned.

Refunds will only be paid in the same method as the initial purchase.

Incorrectly Ordered Product

Incorrectly ordered items may only be returned (at the purchaser's cost) and will be credited in full, upon receipt, provided that the items are not damaged and are in their original packaging.

Used items cannot be accepted for a refund.

Faulty Items

If an item is received, appearing to be faulty, please contact CMC within 14 days of purchase. Clearly state the problem and the most suitable solution for remedying the problem will be provided.


Sometimes things just don’t go according to plan and dissatisfaction creeps in. Should this happen, please contact CMC stating the nature of the complaint (either by fax, email, or telephone), within 14 days, in order to resolve the issue. Depending on the problem, shipping and handling charges may apply.